8 Things You Could Buy … That Aren’t Worth the Money. Susan Salehi Bankruptcy Ventura Oxnard Camarillo Santa Barbara Woodland Hills Los Angeles CA

We all have our bad spending habits: a $3 latte in the morning, an expensive taxi fare now and then, a cheap piece of jewelry when we’re down in the dumps.

We’re all for splurging, especially if you do it right. In other words, go ahead and buy the things that make you happy, as long as those small purchases motivate you, and you plan them out for maximum enjoyment … rather than simply throwing your money away.

For example: You buy yourself a bouquet of fresh flowers at the end of the month as a reward for staying on budget. Let’s say that costs you $20 a month, which adds up to $240 a year. That might sound like a lot, but if it motivates you to stay on track with your budget, you’re probably saving yourself way more than $20 each month. So we call that a good splurge.

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