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Be very careful when looking for an attorney to handle your Chapter 7or Chapter 13 case.  The following are suggestions you might want to follow in choosing a bankruptcy attorney:

1.  Ask the attorney how long they have been practicing bankruptcy law and how many cases they have filed to get a good idea of their experience in the bankruptcy area.  Make sure they do a good number of cases and have been doing them over a long period of time – your case could be a “learning experience” for an attorney without much experience – both in number of years doing bankruptcies and number of cases filed.  Degrees from fancy colleges are impressive, but do they mean that the attorney has actual experience representing folks such as you in the bankruptcy courts?

2.  Make sure that the attorney has a lot of experience in helping people with both Chapter 7 (liquidation) and Chapter 13 (repayment) bankruptcies.  Attorneys must certify in every bankruptcy case they file that they have explained the different kinds of bankruptcies to you and how each of them could help you in your individual case.  Chapter 13 bankruptcies in particular have become more and more complicated and you want to make sure you have an attorney who can give you advice about both types of cases, and who has the knowledge and experience to competently represent you  in a Chapter 13 case if that is what you require.

3.  Make sure that you are comfortable both with the attorney and with the fees they have quoted for your case.  If you are not, then consider seeking a second opinion. 

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